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Limited Submission Funding Programs: Introduction

Finding the funding program

Programs will be put on the Limited Submissions Calendar (to the right) under the month that the first internal Virginia Tech deadline occurs. Be sure to check the calendar often, new programs will be added as the information becomes available to us.

Submitting a notice of intent

Anyone wishing to submit a proposal should use the calendar on the right or the Find Funding Program(s) link on the left to find the funding program of interest. You will be presented with a link to submit a notice of intent for the program. NOTE: you must sign-in with your VT PID and Password to submit a notice of intent. To expedite the process of planning an internal competition, please sign-in and submit your notice of intent as soon as you know you have an interest in the funding program. The notice of intent form will require the name of the Principal Investigator, any co-PI's, and the subject or title of the proposed project. The deadline for the internal notice of intent is listed with each limited submission on this site.

Notification of internal competition

Participants will be notified on the day following the notice of intent deadline about the need for an internal competition to select the allowed number of applications to be sent forward to the funding agency. If the number of participants does not exceed the number of allowable submissions no internal competition will be necessary.

The internal pre-proposal

If there are more potential applicants than the agency's limit allows, an internal competition will be held to select the proposals that will be allowed to go forward. In this case, a brief pre-proposal will be required. Detailed instructions for preparing the pre-proposal will be sent via e-mail to those who have submitted a notice of intent once the need for an internal competition has been established. The notification email will also include a link that will allow you to submit your pre-proposal via this website. NOTE: Pre-proposals will only be accepted via this website. A committee will meet to discuss the submissions. You will be notified in approximately ten days of the results.

NOTE: For limited submission proposals, it is the responsibility of the faculty member to check with OVPRI regarding internal deadlines and internal review processes before making plans to prepare a proposal. If you would like to apply to a limited submission opportunity that is not posted on this page, please contact or Janet Webster ( as soon as possible. If there is not sufficient time to conduct an internal competition, permission to go forward with an external submission will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Proposals to the Virginia Tobacco Commission

Virginia Tobacco Commission proposals function under a separate set of guidelines than other Virginia Tech limited submission proposals. Read the Tobacco Commission proposal policy here.

Problems or Questions?
If you are having problems or have any questions regarding this website please contact our Limited Submissions Coordinator, Janet Webster at for assistance or